10 Helpful Ways To Make Self Love A Daily Practice


The goddamn pressures of being human. Constantly falling short has left me feeling insecure. All. The. Time.


Look after your health, career, friendships. Be ambitious, be socially-conscious! I’m EXHAUSTED.

So in an attempt to combat those feelings, I’ve collected a bunch of tips to help you feel more confident.

1. First thing’s first: dedicate time every day to practice mindfulness. Use a tool, like an app or journal, if you need guidance.


The more secure you are with yourself, the less you’ll allow outside influences to affect you. Take the time to get to know yourself by tracking your thoughts, moods and self-care rituals in this daily journal.

PRICE: $39.90.

2. Keep a ‘Wins’ folder on your computer, or better yet, in a leather portfolio in your desk drawer.


A printed screenshot of that dream job offer, a scan of your Masters degree (can’t relate tbh) — keep evidence of your achievements so you can access them whenever you’re doubting yourself.

Tip: Keep this bad boy on hand during performance reviews at work!

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3. Keep your shoulders back and stand up straight – even at your desk.


Countless research has linked good posture with increased confidence. If you stand as a confident person might, you in turn feel confident. Get into the habit with a standing desk.

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4. Show your gratitude to those who have helped you out with a thank you card.


Being content with the life, the job, the friends we have, has everything to do with gratitude. Don’t assume your loved ones know you’re grateful to know them — tell them.

PRICE: $37.67 for 100 notes, envelopes and sealing stickers.

5. Do something that scares you, even if it’s as little as talking to strangers. If you need a push, there are books to help you.

Simon & Schuster

Whenever you do something new, you learn you’re capable of more than you knew.

Gross, that rhymed.

PRICE: $16 for the paperback edition.


6. Take pride in your appearance — even if you only manage to brush your hair.


Look, it’s a lot to expect to look perfect all day, every day. Especially when your confidence is shot. Start the day with a brush that doubles as a scalp massager — self-care for your appearance and mental health.

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7. Develop new skills — online, from books, on campus.


Feel insecure about your lack of cooking skills? Watch video tutorials. Wish you could speak another language? Read a book, and develop those skills.

PRICE: $19.45 for the paperback edition.

8. Write a checklist of small goals daily, and knock them over, one by one.


Little wins = big confidence.

PRICE: $13.66

9. Use headphones to listen to positive messaging wherever you go.


There are countless of podcasts that promote mindfulness and self-acceptance. Pop these over your ears when negative thoughts come knocking.

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10. And finally, speak kindly to yourself with affirmations.


Look, scoff all you want, but affirmations actually work. We’re not very good at reminding ourselves about our good qualities, so why not have these cards do the cringy-yet-essential work for us? Bonus points for added wit.

PRICE: From $14.23.

Now go forth and take your steps into a braver, more confident world.


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