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15 People Who Got Caught Red-Handed

1. This guy got caught abusing his water cup privileges:

2. And this girl was caught reading some obscene material:

3. This student:

4. This woman, who was hilariously caught taking a picture of Nyle DiMarco on the subway:

5. This child thought they wouldn’t get caught stealing (but obv. did):

6. And although not a person, this dog was caught and apprehended:

7. Zachary Quinto was caught using a fake name at Starbucks and then had to address it on Late Night With James Corden:


8. And when Selena Gomez was iconically caught creepin’ on Justin Bieber’s insta without following him:

9. This guy, who was caught being a fuckboy to 32 girls at once (!!!):

10. This sunglasses seller:

11. And this catfish:

12. This person was lying, tryna be artsy:

13. This girl, who was caught doin’ the most:

14. This dad caught his son searching some interesting things:

15. And last but not least, this legendary lunch stealer who was caught:

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