15 Tweets That Confirm Pregnant Women Are Not To Be Trifled With

1. First, know a pregnant woman’s attitude can change week by week:

2. And moment to moment:

3. Do not, under any circumstance, comment on their diet:

4. How long they’ve been pregnant:

5. Or how tired they are:

6. You should, however, learn to slowly back out of a room:

7. And be prepared for a tongue lashing:

8. Why are they like this? Well, they’re uncomfortable:

9. And their emotions are ON EDGE:

10. Which is why you should never, ever take their parking spaces:

11. Or tell them you loved being pregnant:

12. Baby shower guests should tread lightly:

13. But the partners of pregnant women must be especially alert:

14. The partner in this case study, for example, is not believed to have survived the nine months:

15. Lastly, if you don’t make space for pregnant women on public transport, you WILL regret it:

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