16 Pictures That Prove Men Are A Very Interesting Species

1. They’re brilliantly unorganized sometimes:

2. Their priorities are, uh, off occasionally:

3. They perceive things incorrectly sometimes:

4. Like, yup:

5. They don’t know basic terms sometimes:

6. Their maturity varies:

7. They sometimes have an interesting way of delivering a message:

8. They’re not the best at social media:

9. Like, prime example:

10. They make hilarious requests:

11. …which are sometimes insanely/cleverly crafted:

12. Their good morning texts are iconic…

13. …even though they’re not always the best texters:

14. Like, honestly though:

15. Sometimes they’re clueless:

16. And, of course, they’ll dish out rejection in the worst way:

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