17 Cake Decorators Who Might Not Be Geniuses, But At Least They're Funny As Hell


1. The person who baked this sweet with a special treat.

u/AnnoyingCrow91 / Via

2. The person who hopefully made this from their prison cell.

r/funnycakes / Via

3. The person who is honestly just bragging at this point.

u/AnnoyingCrow91 / Via

4. The person who needs to work on their empathy towards the aging process.

5. The person who came up with the incredible idea of a divorce cake.

6. The person who decided to make their intern shit themselves.

7. The person who has probably been yelled at by their roommate for this 10 million times.

u/synoptico / Via

8. The person who never quite got over the Rick Roll trend.

u/synoptico / Via

10. The person who gave this Spongebob scene the moment it deserved.

11. The person who got straight to the point.

u/synoptico / Via

12. The person who took their instructions way too literally.

13. The person who always has sex on their mind.

u/synoptico / Via

14. The person who wasn’t too sad about their friend’s going away party.

15. The person who couldn’t hide their truth anymore.

u/Walking5panish / Via

16. The person who found the perfect way to incorporate their love of vacuums into a birthday cake.

17. And the person who thought a vasectomy called for a celebration.

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