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23 People Who Really Don't Understand How The Female Body Works

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most ridiculous assumptions they’ve heard people make about the female body. Here are the wild results.

1. “I had a boyfriend who thought that, after giving birth, the vagina stayed that stretched out forever. Like, it would literally be baby-sized for the rest of your life.”


2. “In middle school sex ed, we were taught that we had 10 holes in our vaginas, and each one of them had a different purpose.”


3. “I was told by someone in high school that when nuns take their vows in the Catholic church, their menstrual cycles immediately stop for life because they won’t be having children.”

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4. “One of my male friends said ‘the G-spot is in the brain.’ I immediately started laughing and thought to myself, Your poor, poor girlfriend.



5. “My boyfriend thought periods were an endless stream of blood and that’s why tampons were invented…to plug it up until the stream stopped.”

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6. “I was on my period and had a tampon in, and my boyfriend heard me peeing. He asked: ‘How can you be peeing if you have a tampon in?!’ I basically fell off the toilet, laughing, having to explain to my 25-year old boyfriend that we don’t just have one hole.”


7. “I had swallowed, and the guy was shocked. I was feeling pretty proud of myself until he asked, ‘Why would you do that?! What if you get pregnant?!'”


8. “A guy told me he believed women were born without gag reflexes.”

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9. “My ex thought tampons helped ease period pain. I’m open about my pains, and one day I said something about it. He asked, ‘Does that mean it’s time for a new tampon, to make you feel better?’ No. No it doesn’t.”


10. “One of my male coworkers believed that lesbian women don’t menstruate because they couldn’t get each other pregnant. All five of the lesbians at work tried to set him straight on that one.”

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11. “I work with a lady who thought the reason women shouldn’t take baths while pregnant was because the baby would drown. She has children.”

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12. “I had a boyfriend who asked if it ‘felt good’ putting a tampon in. He legit thought you could orgasm from it.”

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13. “A former coworker of mine said it was fine that her boyfriend came in her during sex because she would ‘just pee it all out.’ My other coworker (who was pregnant) and I just stared at her in complete silence.”

—Breton Stailey, Facebook

—Breton Stailey, Facebook

14. “In middle school, the nurse told our class that girls didn’t need to wear pads or tampons while sleeping because there wouldn’t be enough blood flow while lying horizontal.”


15. “I met a guy who said, ‘Women can control when they get pregnant by accepting or denying the sperm.'”


16. “My boyfriend thought that an annual Pap smear was to ‘clean out’ your vagina, like when you go to the dentist for a cleaning.”


17. “I knew a guy who thought women could ‘just hold in their period blood,’ like holding pee in your bladder or something.”


18. “My 31-year-old boyfriend thinks the vagina magically disappears when it’s not bleeding or doing other things, and when it’s needed a layer of skin just peels back to reveal a vagina.”

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19. “One of my exes didn’t know that ejaculating in a girl is what causes pregnancy. He said it only worked if you ‘really meant it.’ WTF lol.”


20. “I once heard someone say that it wasn’t natural for women to have periods, and it would stop simply by changing your diet and eating healthier. LOL.”


21. “My boyfriend though contractions during birth were pleasurable. He said they felt like orgasms.”


22. “One time I told my best friend that I was on my period, and he looked confused. He told me he thought everyone got their period on the same exact day of the month.”


23. And: “In the earlier stages of my pregnancy, my brother thought the fetus could travel around my body via ‘little tubes.’ This came to light when he asked me if I could ever feel it ‘kicking by my knee.’


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