25 Things That Are Way, Wayyyy Better Than Last Night's Episode Of "Game Of Thrones"

1. This epic poem:

2. The miracle of birth:

3. Danny DeCheeto:

4. This tweet:

5. This group of friends:

6. Detos:

7. An old timey STD:

8. This touching poem:

9. Froot:

10. Boop boops:

11. Sweet love:

12. The meaning behind the name:

13. Boston, Msaeachubaets:

14. The Lasagna Hog:

15. This limerick:

16. Michael:

17. The battle of our lifetime:

18. The life and times of Sandwich Boy:

19. Incognito spaghetti:

20. Full brothers:

21. She:

22. This baby’s life story:

23. Sprimkles:

24. Stonks:

25. And the world’s greatest Facebook post:

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