15 New Mom Moments That Will Leave People Without Kids Forever Scratching Their Heads

1. Sucking snot out of your kid’s nose…

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2. …and then feeling proud of yourself as you watch all the snot you sucked drain out.

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3. Wearing mesh panties and a pad big enough for a horse.

4. Cleaning baby poop off of more than just your baby’s bum.

Bonus points to this mom for hooking her keys to her tank so she doesn't lose them.
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Bonus points to this mom for hooking her keys to her tank so she doesn’t lose them.

5. And scooping baby turds out of the tub.

6. Accepting the fact that your body will do what it wants.

7. Getting legit baby marks on your skin.

goddess_of_good_vibes / Via

8. Wearing mismatched shoes. (It’s mom brain, OK?)

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9. Thinking about your baby in literally every situation.

10. Opening the dishwasher to find this unfortunate situation.

11. And walking into the kitchen unfazed when it looks like this.

12. Doing things like pushing your baby around in a hamper to keep them content.

13. Getting no more than a couple hours of sleep at a time.

14. Dedicating an area in your home to diapers that you stocked up on ’cause they were on sale.

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15. And, finally, experiencing first-hand every one of these little surprises.

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Mom life, it’s a whirlwind!


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