23 Tweets That Pretty Much Perfectly Sum Up What Adult Culture Is All About

Adult culture is…

1. Never answering the phone:

2. Realizing how expensive peppers are:

3. Watching those exclamations:

4. Weighing the pros and cons of various grocery stores:

5. Making tough chicken decisions:

6. Dealing with an avalanche:

7. Finally getting into pulp:

8. Having difficult conversations with yourself:

9. Hating the mail:

10. Being betrayed by your body:

11. Always apologizing:

12. Getting PUMPED over kitchenware:

13. Losing excuses:

14. Playing this careful game:

15. Having bed options:

16. Understanding your mother:

17. Texting at the crack of dawn:

18. Having like 40,000 plastic bags in a designated plastic bag drawer:

19. Playing Wake Up Roulette:

20. Getting really into email:

21. Having joyous conversations about gas prices:

22. Perfecting a morning routine:

23. But mostly adult culture is just winging it:

Just stay the course.

Just stay the course.

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