Daniel Webb’s mother celebrates as the ‘truth’ about Jessika Power is revealed

Daniel Webb’s mother breaks her silence as the ‘REAL truth’ about Jessika Power is revealed – after the Married At First Sight cheaters split within days of the season finale

Daniel Webb and Jessika Power’s relationship imploded just days after Married At First Sight’s finale aired on TV.

And the break-up couldn’t have come sooner for Dan’s mother, Gabby Smith. 

Taking to Instagram over the weekend, Gabby shared a link to Dan’s tell-all interview announcing the split alongside a rather telling caption.

Good riddance! Daniel Webb and Jessika Power's break-up couldn't have come sooner for Dan's mother, Gabby Smith. The former couple are pictured on Talking Married last week

Good riddance! Daniel Webb and Jessika Power’s break-up couldn’t have come sooner for Dan’s mother, Gabby Smith. The former couple are pictured on Talking Married last week

‘The real truth… watch it,’ she wrote, before encouraging her supporters to watch Dan’s post-split interview with Yahoo Lifestyle

Gabby’s comments leave no doubt that she didn’t approve of Jessika, 27, dating her son or being a stepmother to her grandchild.

It comes after Dan, 35, said he was ‘glad’ he dumped Jessika following their awkward live segment on Talking Married last week.

He told Yahoo that Jessika’s rumoured hook-up with Nic Jovanovic while filming MAFS was a major factor in their split.

‘I just wanted to get to the bottom of the whole situation with her and Nic – if she flirted with him, didn’t flirt with him,’ Dan said.

‘There’s rumours about her hooking up with him in an elevator. I’m hearing it happened.

‘I was just honest with her. I said, “Look I don’t think I can continue this. It’s toxic, you’re not being honest with me. I can’t have a relationship with someone if they’re not honest with me”.’

Dan explained how the troubles started for the couple on Monday, following their now infamous live appearance on Talking Married.

During a joint interview after the MAFS finale, the pair bickered over Jessika’s secret meeting with Nic, which had been exposed in the reunion episode.

‘It raises huge trust issues for me, and that’s what we’ve been struggling with over the last few months in our relationship,’ Dan said on the 9Life show.

Things went from bad to worse after Jessika tried to deny she ever propositioned Nic during the experiment, saying she only admitted to it because it’s what Dan wanted to hear.

‘I wasn’t interested in being with Nic, I wasn’t interested in swapping with Nic,’ she said. ‘Looking back on it, it looks like I did hit on him and that’s what everybody here wants me to admit, so yeah I’m admitting it for Dan.

‘I don’t feel like I did, but it’s obviously what Dan wants to hear.’

At this moment, Dan sighed loudly and buried his head in his hands, before saying: ‘It’s not what I wanted to hear.’

‘We’re not having a fight on national television!’ Jessika snapped back.


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