18 Funny AF Jokes About The 2019 Grammys

1. On recognizing the attendees:

me: I know about culture! me watching the grammys:


2. On Katy Perry’s fashion:

katy perry’s lookin’ like squidward ate too many krabby patties huh? #GRAMMYs

Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images/Nickelodeon

3. On J. Lo’s fashion:


4. On Cardi B’s fashion:

I sure hope Ursula didn’t take her voice. #grammys

Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

5. On Offset being back in the (literal) picture:

When you’re back with your ex but you still don’t want him standing too close #GRAMMYs @iamcardib

Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

6. On the opening performance:


7. On this relatable moment:

Me when I get kicked out of walmart #GRAMMYs


8. On this glow-up:

Well this one certainly went better #GRAMMYs

Warner Bros. Pictures / CBS

9. On John Mayer’s choice to break his Grammy in half:

.@JohnMayer is that you????? #GRAMMYs

Paramount Pictures

10. On Drake’s speech:

THE GRAMMYS: drake please come to the grammys DRAKE: no THE GRAMMYS: we’ll give you an award DRAKE, accepting his award: listen none of this matters it’s all bullsh— THE GRAMMYS: CUT TO COMMERCIAL DEAR GOD CUT TO COMMERCIAL

11. On Diana Ross’ performance:

Diana said “lemme just tribute myself bc who else gonna do it like me? nobody.” #GRAMMYs

12. No seriously, Diana Ross, though:

Diana Ross: Dont be lazy! #GRAMMYs Me at home:


13. On Alicia Keys being multi-talented at multi-tasking:

Alicia Keys can play two pianos at once; Meanwhile, I can’t text and talk at the same time. #Grammys


14. On Lady Gaga’s performance:

What my food sees when I check on them in the oven #Grammys


15. No really, Lady Gaga’s performance was a whole lot:

Lady Gaga performing Shallow live at the #Grammys

Universal Pictures

16. On this phone call in the MIDDLE of a performance:

“Yea, girl I’m just at the #GRAMMYs. Whatchu doin??”


17. On St. Vincent and Dua Lipa’s performance:


18. And finally, on this Ally/Jackson Maine and Cardi B/Offset parallel:

A Star is Born (dir. Bradley Cooper, 2018)



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