Ariana Grande Dropped A New Music Video And It's Sparked A Huge Debate About Queerbaiting

In “finally, some good news” news, Ariana Grande just dropped her fifth studio album, Thank U, Next. It’s full of bops, and if you haven’t listened to it yet, please go and stream all 41 minutes right now and then come back to read this post.


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Because she can’t help but do the most, Ariana didn’t just drop the album — she also released a brand new music video for the album’s third single, “Break Up With Your Boyfriend, I’m Bored”.

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In the video, Ariana spots a couple dancing in a club and infiltrates their relationship, changing her appearance to look more and more like the girl as the video goes on, and asking the guy to end it with his girlfriend.

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But there’s a plot twist! The video ends with Ariana leaning in for a kiss with the ~girlfriend~ while the boyfriend is left wanting more.

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People were shook by the twist, and thanked Ariana for gifting us with a brand new bisexual anthem.

wait break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored is ariana seducing the guy to get him to break up with his girlfriend then Ariana takes the girlfriend for herself

breakup with your girlfriend, i’m bored is a bisexual anthem and that’s that on that!

bitch, break up with your girlfriend i’m bored is a HIT and a bi anthem don’t @ me

But others had a different theory about the music video’s meaning, and it all stems from the lyrics of the album’s lead single, “Thank U, Next”.

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In the second verse of “Thank U, Next”, Ariana sings that she’s moved on from her past relationship and found happiness with someone new — herself.

You probably remember that the lyric "her name is Ari" was widely misheard, and for a very fleeting pop culture moment people thought Ariana was announcing she was in a relationship with a girl named Aubrey.

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You probably remember that the lyric “her name is Ari” was widely misheard, and for a very fleeting pop culture moment people thought Ariana was announcing she was in a relationship with a girl named Aubrey.

Well, people think that “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored” has a similar message. Namely that Ariana is the girlfriend from the title, and she wants her relationship to end so she can find happiness with herself.

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That’s why the girl in the video looks like the Ariana we all know and love, and the ~real~ Ariana resembles her more as the video goes on — because, as the relationship comes to an end, she’s becoming her true self.

so the “girlfriend” in the break up with your girlfriend, im bored resembles ariana so much even down to the moon tattoo behind her ear, the hair clip. the girlfriend is ariana. she’s breaking up with her boyfriend and loving herself. #thankunext

So, in the video, Ariana is more focused on the girl who represents her because she’s learning to love herself.

in the break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored music video, the “girlfriend” resembles ariana because it’s all about SELF-LOVE, she breaks up with her boyfriend so she can finally fall in love with herself. she even mentioned it in thank u, next. now y’all get it? #thankunext

The other girl is representing Ariana too, she has the same tattoos and see her when she look at the mirror, that’s why they kiss, BECAUSE IT’S ALL ABOUT SELF-LOVE!

People think the overarching message of the song — and the album as a whole — seems to be about the importance of self-love over romantic love, and they’re into it.

break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored shows ariana loving herself lol. the girl resembles ari so much. self love all the way! #ThankUNext ♡♡

I finally understood the meaning of break up with you girlfriend, I’m bored music video. it’s about self love. shes better off dating herself and loving herself more then being with a guy.

i fucking love the concept of break up with your girlfriend its her singing to her own boyfriend telling to let her go so she can focus on her self and love herself work on herself, that’s why she looked like ari and seduced her it’s the opposite of what ppl thought was gonna be

However, some people weren’t here for the twist, arguing that the self-love theory means Ariana was queerbaiting — hinting at the existence of same-sex love without actually providing any legitimate LGBT representation.

if ariana isn’t bisexual and just kissed a girl in break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored, then i’ll have to unstan. sorry sis it’s 2019 and i won’t accept queer baiting in this bisexual girl’s house. thank u, next 💋

wlw is not some trendy thing ariana bisexuals have their sexuality attacked fuckign 24/7 stop with the queerbaiting it isn’t hot, revoluntionary, or “giving the gays everything they want” it’s tacky and gross

straight women !! need to fucking stop making girls kissing girls something edgy and cool !! straight girls get PRAISED for kissing other straight girls but real wlw get the harassment that comes with homophobia. queerbaiting is disgusting and i am getting TIRED of miss ariana

And, they said, there are ways to depict self-love without teasing same-sex romance.

if ariana grande was trying to promote self-love with that song, then she should’ve gone about it in a way that wasn’t queerbaiting. as a straight woman, ariana wouldn’t suffer consequences of kissing women that queer women are discriminated against. she used wlw as an aesthetic.

it would’ve been more effective if they used a cgi ariana instead of a different girl dressing up like her cause now people are coming for her for queerbaiting

I think all we can do now is wait for Ariana to have her say about the whole situation.

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