FaceApp’s Old Person Filter Is Making People Look Like Beatle Paul McCartney

This is 77-year-old music legend Paul McCartney. He was a Beatle, wrote “Yesterday,” and has scored 78 Grammy nominations — including one in every decade since the 1960s.

Wpa Pool / Getty Images

Today, however, people aren’t talking about McCartney because of music, but because of FaceApp’s old person Filter. Why? Because a lot of them think it made them look like the former Beatle:


Ginger Macca?

Oh, wait, this is ginger Macca.


Tired Paul?

Maybe Paul?

Are you seeing it?

Yes, no, maybe?

People also thought the app turned celebrities — like Harry Styles — into the former Beatle.

They also thought singer/songwriter Lewis Capaldi was more like Lewis Ca-PAUL-di.

While others thought Tom Holland was basically Beatle-man.

Then there were people who saw Paul in V from BTS…

In Yoo Ki-hyun from Monsta X…

And in Luke from 5 Seconds from Summer.

Lastly, this person saw Paul in…Timothée Chalamet.

Basically, maybe we should be asking: Is this an old age filter, or a Paul McCartney filter?

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