Film Twitter Is Talking About Which Specific Movie Scenes Totally Broke Them

Earlier this week, Twitter user @guiltyart asked movie lovers to share the saddest and most devastating scenes they’ve ever seen, and hooooo boy, the results are going to tear. you. up:

@guiltyart / Via Twitter: @guiItyart

1. There were the obvious contenders of course: A Star Is Born, La La Land, The Fault in Our Stars, and The Breakfast Club:

2. As well as animated faves, like Lion King and The Land Before Time:

3. THAT horse scene from The Neverending Story:

4. And these poignant moments from A Ghost Story and Papillon:

5. Since we’re talking about film, Dead Poets Society inevitably came up…

6. And so did The Color Purple:

7. We got not one, but TWO Timothée Chalamet movies by way of Beautiful Boy and Call Me By Your Name

We’ll discuss Brokeback Mountain in a hot sec, but that Green Mile scene cannot be overlooked!!

8. By the time someone brought up THIS scene, I was basically melting down:

9. And even though we are six months out from Christmas, how could you NOT feel this Emma Thompson moment in Love Actually deep in your bones, 365 days of the year?

10. What do Avengers: Endgame, Beaches and The Fox and the Hound all have in common? Um they’ll freakin WRECK you:

11. Some of the best love stories also made an appearance, like Up, Remember Me, The Notebook, and The Great Gatsby

12. As well as Interstellar, Almost Famous, and Closer:

13. And these based-on-a-true-story picks, like End of Watch, Fruitvale Station, MILK, and Lion:

14. Cast Away, duh:

15. Marley & Me, double duh:

16. Basically anything Pixar made, but especially Toy Story 3 and…

17. Inside Out. Admit it, you KNEW this one was coming and dreaded it:

18. The end of Forrest Gump:

19. Also, the end of Selena:

20. Plus: A Patch of Blue, Malcolm X, Boyz n the Hood, and Platoon:


22. And this one from Blade Runner:


24. And ugh, this one, because Pixar just killed us good, man:

25. And finally, the end scene of all end scenes:

You knew it was coming.

You can find more responses and check out the whole Twitter ~Moment~ here!!


But let us know in the comments: what are the scenes that everyone’s leaving out? Are there TV scenes that deserve recognition, too? Does anyone else’s heart hurt like in a weird and possibly medically significant amount???

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