14 People Who Managed To Get The Last Laugh With Their Exes

1. This ex got the last laugh with this Bible verse:

2. This girl’s ex wanted his prom money back, and he got it:

3. This girl dressed up as commitment for Halloween and tagged all her exes:

4. This ex won after sending this clever AF gif to his ex, Andy:

5. This ex sent back a brilliant error message:

6. And this person was not here for rekindling:


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7. This girl’s travel pics all featured her ex, so she had a brilliant solution:

Baylee Woodward / Angle News

Baylee Woodward / Angle News

8. This 11-year-old girl’s response to her ex is iconic:

9. And this guy tried to get to his ex, but wound up looking dumb:

10. This ex’s clapback was simple but hilarious:

11. And this clapback had no words, but burned just as hard:

For those of you who don't watch Stranger Things, the character in the pic is named Eleven.

For those of you who don’t watch Stranger Things, the character in the pic is named Eleven.

12. This person answered her ex in bullets:

13. This girl COMPLETELY shut down her ex in the most hilarious way:

14. And last but not least — so did this girl:

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