FYI: Nurses Don't Play Cards. They Save Lives.

Last week, Senator Maureen Walsh said nurses spend a “considerable amount of time playing cards.”

Let’s be clear. They do not play cards:

1. They play with these machines that are critical to patients’ lives:

2. They work in chaotic, fast-paced emergency rooms:

3. The witness traumatic and tragic times:

4. They comfort people:

5. They barely have time for bathroom breaks:

6. Or lunch breaks:

7. They work long hours:

8. They save lives:

9. They even study on breaks!

10. They help people during the worst times in their lives:

11. They repair equipment:

12. They use their expert judgment in life-or-death situation:

13. They

14. They stand for 16 hours a day sometimes:

Nurses, thank you. Let’s all make an effort to let the nurses we know that we are eternally grateful for all they do!

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