The best steering wheels for PC: complete your racing game set-up

Offering one of the most authentic real-world-meets-games experiences, steering wheels and driving set ups are the most accessible way for us to drive the fastest cars, enjoy the wildest tracks and cause carnage without getting mortally wounded. Good. The best steering wheels for PC, and accompanying set ups, can exponentially elevate your experience and immersion, making you feel like you’re in the racing seat: leaning into every bend; drifting round every corner; smashing your foot on the gas pedal to pull away; and nailing difficult gear changes and manoeuvres. Or crashing straight into the first corner. Like most things, it’s no surprise that the better the kit, the better the experience and with that being said, we’ve parked up all the best PC steering wheels and extra gear for your PC.

You’ll be able to get serviceable and decent wheels on a budget, but your best bet for full immersion and a hugely rewarding experience when you add in all the possible extras like more pedals, a dedicated clutch, manual gear stick and so on. The latter being a real fun, more real-world, set up to just playing along with the flappy paddles like an F1 driver.

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1. Thrustmaster T300 RS

The best racing wheel for PC

Connection type: USB | Weight: 3kg | Force Feedback: Yes | Rumble: Yes | Maximum rotation angle: 1080 degrees | Pedals included: Yes | Clutch pedal: No | Expandable: Yes

Wonderfully responsive and powerful force feedback

Can get noticeably hot after extended play sessions

Handbrake is always a compromise

This is at the top of the list for a reason: its performance and features combine to create a bit of kit worthy of the serious racing game enthusiast, but without the excessive price. In track racers like F1 or Project CARS, you can really sense a car’s grip because of the superb motorised feedback, and the speed of response to your inputs is quick and excellently executed. The high-quality force feedback is so good, too, that hitting a wall in-game feels like it’ll hurt your hands at some point. It’s precise, weighty and really shakes when the game demands it, making rally games feel so much more involving.

The only limitation the setup has as such is that the handbrake is mapped to a button you access with your thumb, making rally games fiddly. You can get a separate stick shift and use that as the handbrake with the paddles for changing gear, but that is not great at all. As the wheel is often upside-down or at unusual angles during races you’ll have to get creative on how to execute the handbrake function. Regardless, this is manageable and this is still the perfect setup for anyone looking to get serious about racing games. Both the PS4 and Xbox One versions of this wheel work with PC.

Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel: Leather Edition

2. Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel: Leather Edition

A higher quality of Thrustmaster

Connection type: USB | Weight: 9kg | Force Feedback: Yes | Rumble: Yes | Maximum rotation angle: 900 degrees | Pedals included: Yes | Clutch pedal: Yes | Expandable: Yes

Higher quality pedals than base version

Superb control and overall quality

No stick shift included

While this is similar to the T300 RS above, it’s still a worthy inclusion because the quality and control are just as excellent and you get slightly more for your slight more money spent. This bundle is more in both terms than its standard version counterpart but it also comes with two extra elements: a 3-pedal pedal set and a detachable leather wheel. 

The leather wheel is excellent, and feels that little bit more cool and authentic by being leather. Downstairs, the pedal set is superb, with full-size, weighty pedals that feel really responsive and comfortable at your feet; their tuning is excellent as well and each tiny adjustment seems to be enact a change in accelerating or braking. As a bonus, its mount is still sturdy enough to hold it firmly to the desk—though a racing chair would probably get the best out of it. Here’s a guide to our best gaming chairs.

Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel

3. Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel

A great, frequently discounted option

Connection type: USB | Weight: 8kg | Force Feedback: Yes | Rumble: Yes | Maximum rotation angle: 900 degrees | Pedals included: Yes | Clutch pedal: Yes | Expandable: Yes

Extra controls for TCS and ABS on the wheel itself

Great array of controls

Stick shift not included

Loud mechanism

An excellent wheel from Logitech, the G29 replaces the incredibly popular G27 wheel that came before it. The unit is designed to be set up with PlayStation 4 console but it’s definitely a strong competitor and great bit of kit for a PC. A first big plus are the additional buttons that the system has namely a click wheel for adjusting brake balances, and positive/negative buttons for adjusting the traction control (though this is customisable and you can map it to anything you like). 

This unit also has LEDs at the top of the wheel’s central column, which light up to tell you when you need to change gear (if supported by the game you’re playing), and the pedals are fantastically responsive; the brake pedal is non-linear, giving you a more realistic braking sensation than cheaper pedal sets. It’s a bit of a shame that the stick shifter is no longer built into the unit, but it isn’t that much more expensive—sometimes it’s even the same price—to get it along with the wheel and pedal set. This is very much one of the best ways to get a full driving experience in your home PC setup.

Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback Racing Wheel

4. Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback Racing Wheel

Connection type: USB | Weight: c. 5.5kg | Force Feedback: Yes | Rumble: Yes | Maximum rotation angle: 900 degrees | Pedals included: Yes | Clutch pedal: No | Expandable: Yes

Decent value

Genuine force feedback

Feedback effect not as strong as the TX base

Lightweight pedals

This is Thrustmaster’s entry level, but still force feedback capable, model that will let you get a good driving experience on a budget. That force feedback is still one of the main things that truly augments and completes a driving experience with a wheel, and the better systems with this tech are more pricey. But this model, albeit with a cut-down version of force feedback, still provides an impressive enough entry to the market. It (the force feedback) is not as strong as other models, but it does work, and if you’re on a tight budget, this product provides a true force feedback wheel with 900 degrees of rotation and a set of pedals for your money, which is pretty good value though the quality slightly lacks overall. 

The noticeable cut backs do appear on both the wheel and the pedals, however: the steering wheel is nowhere near as deluxe-feeling as the higher-end units; and the pedals are a bit plasticky, offer little resistance, and are void of a clutch pedal. Something to bear in mind, if you ever fancy upgrading at a later date. 

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