LANY Told Us All About Their "Firsts" And The Time They Almost Went By "Outback Steakhouse"

Rising pop-indie band LANY stopped by BuzzFeed to talk all about the band’s firsts…

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…And while we grilled the guys, we learned about the one time they almost went by “Outback Steakhouse” for their very first show:

So why exactly did LANY want to go by an Australian-themed restaurant chain that serves steaks? Well, turns out they didn’t want anyone to know who they *actually* were:

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Paul Klein: Our very first was down in San Diego but it was a secret show — we didn’t even put our name on the bill. We wanted to go by “Outback Steakhouse” because we’d never played a show and we wanted three practice shows before our first show at The Sayers Club.

But despite their meaty efforts, fans STILL showed up for the secret set:

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PK: We went down to San Diego, name wasn’t even on the bill, and fans showed up. We were like, “Oh no…”

Well done, boys… well done.

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PK: That was a really, really cool show. We started with “Hot Lights,” and I sang the first verse in the wrong key because I was so nervous, but we ended great. [Laughs]

Can’t get enough of LANY? Make sure to grab your tickets for their Malibu Nights World Tour.

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