Love Island star Molly-Mae Hague flogs knickers in cringe YouTube channel videos

Love Island 2019 star Molly-Mae Hague can be seen flogging knickers, lounge wear and make-up in cringe videos on her YouTube channel.

The reality TV star launched a career in social media after leaving school and now describes herself as an Instagram influencer.

She also promotes products on YouTube, filming Vlogs, tutorials and fashion “hauls” – trying on sessions of free clothes she’s been sent.

In one of the videos, she is seen holding up a pair of pants and calling them the “sexiest knickers ever” among all the other products she’s recommending her fans buy.

In some of the clips, Molly-Mae, 19, opens up about her life – revealing she had a boyfriend for three years and loves cats.

She also reveals she got a string of good grades in her GCSEs, including an A in English and an A* in sociology, before quitting school to focus on her dream of social media stardom.

Molly-Mae has been flogging everything from make-up to knickers

Molly-Maehas her own YouTube channel

Mollie-Mae even took a course in fashion that helped her launch herself as an Instagrammer, and allowed her to critique loungewear sets for Insta brands.

The videos also reveal she was saying one of Love Island’s 2019 catchphrases long before she went into the villa.

“It is what is is” has become the phrase of this year’s series, but Molly has been using it for years.

She is seen trying on bags of goodies she’s been sen by Insta fashion brands

She tries her hand at flogging everything form knickers and lounge wear to make-up

Her other favourite word “obsessed” is used for all her favourite bits and pieces.

One of her Vlogs shows her on a girls trip to Amsterdam, where she insists she’ll never do drugs.

Another clip shows her heading off on a weekend away in London and then having a total meltdown when she realised she’d forgotten her suitcase.

Love Island airs all week at 9pm on ITV2.

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