14 Fake Starbucks From Around The World That Have A Latte To Explain

1. Need a coffee in Sudan? Step into Star Box.


2. Or check out Stars & Bucks Cafe in Bethlehem!

kenrasmus70 / Via

3. This coffee shop in Malaysia has it’s own name, but the rest, well…

travel0journey / Via

4. Ditto for this familiar-looking coffee shop in the Ukraine.

ravenyaka / Via

5. And Tom N Toms Coffee in Thailand.

pierre_mathis / Via

6. Oh, and while you’re in Thailand hit up Star Back Cafe!

denny_lcn / Via

7. Indonesia is home to this Pirate Coffee.

nickmaldini / Via

Here’s what their drinks look like. Seem familiar? (Also LOL to the “TM” on the cup).

tanhong0305 / Via

8. Visiting Italy? May we suggest Starmoon Coffee?

selkiyang / Via

9. Rioverde Coffee in Cyprus will give you déjà vu.

remarkabletravels / Via

10. You’ll probably feel the same way about this spot in China.

nihao247 / Via

11. And you’ll DEFINITELY feel that way about this one in China.

Howfakeisthat / Via

12. In Malta? Try Strabuono Coffee!

adamjwindsor / Via

13. Taiwan’s Ecoffee has a logo that’ll make you go 🤔.

plain_queen / Via

14. Lastly, I’m not sure what is happening exactly at this coffee shop in Tokyo, but I’m intrigued!

sallychen33 / Via

Starbucks’ lawyers right now:


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