15 Casey Cott Tweets That Will Convince You He's Secretly Your Best Friend

You probably know Casey Cott for his EXCELLENT portrayal of Kevin Keller on Riverdale.


But did you know he also has an A+ relatable Twitter account???

Araya Diaz / Getty Images

Here are some of his best tweets that’ll make you believe he’s secretly your best friend:

1. When he was *recognized* on the street:

2. When his mom wanted to be a YouTube personality…

3. …and also literally whenever she goes to a grocery store:

4. When his dad just made up his own title…

5. …on more than one occasion:

6. When he got this very correct Starbucks order back:

7. When his cab driver gave him very sound advice:

8. When he had the perfect Valentine:

9. When he predicted the ending of Avengers: Infinity War:

10. When he freaked out over Cole and Lili’s hotness at the Met Gala just like the rest of us:

11. When he knew the appropriate time to start listening to Christmas music:

12. When he spoke this truth about the Olympics:

13. When he had strong condiment opinions:

14. When he revealed his truest passion in life…

15. …and, of course, when he knew what made a great breakfast:

Never change, Casey!!!!


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