17 Cringey Moments That'll Make You Want To Claw Your Eyes Out

1. When Randy went too far with the “dad joke”:

dolphin9999 /

2. This unknown and unwanted relationship:

MustNeedDogs /

3. This meaningful conversation:

eggsplorer /

4. When John sent this to Nick’s mom:

AdultButters /

5. This *roleplay*:

higgsparticles /

6. This 11-years-in-waiting admission:

teachahorsetoswim /

7. This dad’s Facebook status:

beloose /

8. This mom’s drink clarification:

WhiteWolfJon /

9. This 2:49am text message exchange:

Waitforsquirtle /

10. This question for Adrie:

ventscalmes /

11. This guy who was given a wrong number:

MysticStryker /

12. This innocuous post about cookies:

DumbassJ /

13. This whoopsie:

ddh85 /

14. When Jenna left this comment:

Lost_Real_D /

15. When this mistake was made:

OGangstaShitposter /

16. This person who got the wrong idea at Cooper’s:

TiltedRyan /

17. And this powerlifting champ:

cubanfoodstand /

Check out more pictures and conversations that’ll make your skin crawl at r/CringePics.

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