17 Gorgeous Bathtubs That'll Make Bath Lovers Say "I'm Moving In"

1. This perfect tub with a fancy lil’ backsplash.

Laura Metzler Photo / Via

2. This curved one that looks as soothing as those blue-green tiles.

@trojanbaths / Via

3. This regal-looking tub that’ll make you say “clawfoot, who?”

Made in Italy Furniture / Via

4. This mesmerizing lacquered wooden tub.

NK Woodworking / Via

5. This cozy tub that’s making me feel relaxed just looking at it.

@thorsbu / Via

6. This ridiculously cool pink and white situation.

Amy Bartlam / Via

7. This round tub that’s literally begging you to stop and take a soak.


8. This bathtub that’s tucked into its own little nook.

Alexandra Ribar / Via

9. This old-fashioned style tub with a gorgeously modern exterior.

@rvk_loves / Via

10. This luxurious-looking copper tub.

Bernadetta Photography / Via

11. This lovely, simple tub that just looks so dang inviting.

Josh Kay / Via

Josh Kay / Via

12. This tub that has a higher side — which makes it perfect for sitting and reading whilst bathing.

Grace Laird Photography Instagram: @gracelairdphotography / Via

13. This divine copper tub.

Att Vara Nagons Fru / Via

14. This onsen-inspired tub you’ll probably never want to get out of.

Aaron Leitz / Via

15. This rustic bath retreat that you might just have to share with some deer.

16. This stunning setup that honestly feels fit for a royal.

Monte Napoleone Home / Via

17. This bathtub with a killer mountain view.

Meagan Larson / Via

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