17 Pet Owners Who Are So Wholesome It Actually Hurts

1. This pet owner who made a guinea pig paradise.

2. These parents who bought their dog a special toy.

3. This pet owner who put safety first.

4. The mother of this cat who made sure her friend was wrapped up warm.

5. This ingenious pet owner who made her boy feel special.

6. This dog owner who purchased matching socks.

7. This girl who bought her hamster a bed.

8. This student who wanted to let her dog sleep.

9. This guy at the vet who reassured his dog that he was in good hands.

10. The owner of these dogs who set up the perfect photoshoot.

11. The duck owner who turned their pet into art.

12. This guy who took his dog on a birthday trip.

13. This dog owner who made sure her dog was entertained.

14. This cat owner who kept her friend fashionable.

15. And this dog owner who passed down his shirt.

16. This thoughtful parent who gave the family dog her own little backpack.

17. And this dog owner who celebrated her pet’s pregnancy.

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