18 Photos Of When Designers Tried To Pull A Fast One On Everyone

1. 5-year-old me is crying on the inside. / Via

2. This is NOT a joke. / Via

3. Every day we are being lied to. / Via

4. And cheated.

That looks like three pens, but it's actually ONE. WTF. / Via

That looks like three pens, but it’s actually ONE. WTF.

5. Deception is all around us. / Via

6. It doesn’t care how old you are. / Via

7. It doesn’t care if you hate the crust. / Via

8. The foundation of it is obviously confusion. / Via

9. And poor design. / Via

10. It strikes when you least expect it. / Via

11. And can be found even in the most innocent places. / Via

12. Literally no one is safe. / Via

13. No THING is safe from its grips. / Via

14. Those trying to “go healthy” are victims too. / Via

15. Why must you be like this? / Via

16. You try to give it the benefit of the doubt. / Via

17. Websites clearly can’t be trusted. / Via

18. And neither can breakfast. / Via

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