18 Words That Prove How Beautiful The German Language Is

1. Did you know that the German word for anticipation literally means “pre-joy”?

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2. Or that the German word for spotlight means “ray thrower”?

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3. When it’s the end of the work day, it’s “feierabend” — which means celebration evening!

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4. And a group of people is a “menschentraube,” or “people grape.”

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5. Germans also have a word for “bosom friends:”

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6. And if you’re asking for someone’s time frame, you’re literally asking them for a “time window.”

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7. And the word for vocabulary literally means “word treasure.” How cool is that?

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8. And the word for a single point or snapshot in time just means “moment photograph.”

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9. The fact that there’s a word for having a purpose in life, and that it translates to “life content” feels so 2018…

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10. And the German word for slipstream makes way more sense, since it just means “wind shadow.”

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11. If you’re talking about having an affair, you’re really just writing a “bettgeschichte,” or “bed story.”

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12. And how cool is it to be a “wellenreiter,” or literally, “wave rider”?

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13. The word for a person in charge translates literally to “power-haver,” which feels right:

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14. And if you are weary of the world, you have “weltschmerz,” or “world pain.”

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15. The fact that the German word for gloves means “hand shoes” is just way too cute:

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16. And if you’re picturing things in your imagination, you’re running the “kopfkino,” or your “head cinema.”

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17. If you have stagefright, the German word for it means “spotlight fever.”

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18. And finally, the word treat in German translates literally to “palatal pleasure.”

Makes sense!

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Makes sense!

This article was first published in English.

This post was translated from German.

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