21 Ingenious Pizza Hacks That’ll Make You Audibly Gasp

1. Get more for your money:

2. Buy a fresh pizza every time:

3. Live your best breadstick life:

4. Reheat on the stove for perfect pizza every time:

5. Make picky eater’s lives a little easier:

6. Wait for your pizza in complete bliss:

7. Never again fall victim to a pizza disaster in your car:

8. Get some SERIOUS extra flavor:

9. Add your own vegan cheese:

10. Use a salad bar for non-salad purposes:

11. Gain crispy crust every time:

12. Cutting out carbs? Try a lighter option:

13. Potentially score some free goods:

14. Go all in for that extra cheese at no cost:

15. Try this in lieu of tupperware:

16. Get some free extra veggie toppings:

17. Never experience pizza roll betrayal again:

18. Attempt to score some major leftovers:

19. Use a paper towel to prevent dryness:

20. Spice up your toppings with Hot Cheetos:

21. And finally, never feel the cold isolation of loneliness ever again:


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