23 Cringeworthy Fail Tweets Jimmy Fallon Read On "The Tonight Show"

1. This husband who will have you cringing so hard:


2. And this girl whose dress ended up a major #PromFail:

3. Then there’s this girl, whose dress wasn’t the problem, lol:

4. This dad’s #WeddingFail will give you secondhand embarrassment:


5. But maybe not as much as this dad:

6. Or this poor dad (and daughter):

7. To be fair, dads aren’t the only ones committing facepalm-worthy wedding fails:


8. Photographers do it:

9. Guests do it:

10. And even kids do it:

11. Then there’s this co-worker, who will probably want to quit ASAP:


12. Ditto for this mom:

13. This lady’s work fail was very cringeworthy too:

14. Amazingly, this guy isn’t described as an “ex-boyfriend” after this #VacationFail:


15. Speaking of vacation fails, this one raises questions:

16. And this one will make parents want to stay at home:

17. A lot of people really don’t know how to use email:


18. Sometimes it’s because they don’t know the lingo:

19. Other times it’s because they have a gasp-inducing brain fail:

20. Hey, fails happen to the best of us:


21. Even when you have plans to do better:

22. Or the best of intentions, LOLOLOLOL:

23. Here’s one last fail for the road — don’t do this with your babies, people:




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