29 Actually Gorgeous Bathrooms That'll Make You Say, "Why Aren't I Rich?!"

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1. There’s something about a beautiful bathroom that just makes you unclench.

Yes, that was a poop joke. Just getting it out of the way.

@restoringlansdowne / Via Instagram: @restoringlansdowne

Yes, that was a poop joke. Just getting it out of the way.

2. It’s hard to put your finger on exactly what’s so soothing about a well-designed lavatory.

@thenomadicpeople / @villaanouk / Via Instagram: @thenomadicpeople

3. It could just be the cleanliness of a blank space.

@pruerusco / Via Instagram: @thestylephiles

4. But, then again, bathrooms with different colors and materials are just as inviting.

@chriswarnes / @nataliewalton / Via Instagram: @thestylephiles

5. Maybe it’s just the sun streaming in and making everything glow…

Instagram: @thestylephiles

6. Or the soft lighting that makes everything oh-so cozy.

Instagram: @nourgorgani

7. And there’s no denying how relaxing it is to hang out in the tub after a long week.

@heidilerkenfeldt / Via Instagram: @lottaagatoninteriors

8. Something about the elegant curves of a bath that makes us say, ahhh. / Via

9. Taking the time to fill a tub with little luxuries is almost as lovely as the actual bath.

Oh, hello there luxury.

Instagram: @zeninwestend

Oh, hello there luxury.

10. Popping in a few bath bombs, scattering a few salts, lighting a few candles.

Christina Bull / Via Instagram: @ikeafamilymag

11. Opening up a new book.

@laurelandwolf / Via Instagram: @hunkerhome

12. Let’s not, however, ignore the healing powers of a long and steamy shower.

@elisabeth_heier / Via Instagram: @dornbracht_official

13. Who can deny that a waterfall shower head can wash away all the troubles of the day?

@kindofoj / Via Instagram: @thestylephiles

14. Belting out some Whitney Houston while you scrub the sweat off your brow and out of your hair. / Via Instagram: @g

15. Maybe it’s just the simple pleasures of being naked in the privacy of your own home.

16. Which feels even more magical when you’re looking out on a marvelous view. / Via Instagram: @maisonvalentinaa

17. But being naked outside has its perks, as well.

Instagram: @veronika_balivily

18. Fight me all you want, but feeling the cool breeze while chilling in a warm bath is nothing to scoff at.

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19. You can’t deny that getting prepped and ready in a bathroom as fabulous as your new outfit is truly invigorating.

Mod AF.

Mod AF.

20. I mean, c’mon. How could you possibly be cranky after brushing your teeth at this mermaid-esque vanity? / Via Instagram: @maisonvalentinaa

21. Doing your makeup in front of a mirror that’s framed in millennial pink is almost as energizing as that cup of coffee you’re sippin’ on.

@tolkointeriors / Via Instagram: @tolkointeriors

22. It doesn’t have to be super grand or anything.

Dogma Collection from Alternative Bathrooms

23. Even if your bathroom isn’t as freakin’ fantastic as this colorfully-tiled masterpiece.

@archdigest / @minh_ngoc / Via Instagram: @archdigest

24. Or as fancy as this palace that’s been wallpapered in gold.

25. Or as zen as this plant-filled oasis.

Instagram: @labohemehouseofthewishingtrees

26. Your bathroom is still the place that you can spend just a little extra time amping yourself up for another day.

Instagram: @maisonvalentinaa

27. Or spending a few extra minutes just unwinding.

@archdigest / @thefacinator / Via Instagram: @archdigest

28. And mellowing out.

Dogma Collection from Alternative Bathrooms

29. And remember, your bathroom doesn’t have to literally look like a spa to feel like one, as long as it inspires you to take a moment to just chill out.

But hey, if it does look like this one, that's not too bad either.

http://@oh.eight.oh.nine / Via

But hey, if it does look like this one, that’s not too bad either.

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