Contaminated strawberries bought in Adelaide Hills become first reported case in South Australia

South Australia Police is investigating after a needle was found in a punnet of strawberries purchased from a supermarket in the Adelaide Hills.

Police say the punnet was from Mal’s Black Label strawberries, and was purchased on Saturday afternoon from Kloses’s Foodland supermarket at Littlehampton.

When the fruit was eaten this morning, a needle was found inside one of the strawberries.

There were no reported injuries, but all remaining stock has been removed from all the supermarket’s locations.

This latest incident comes after several reports of strawberries contaminated by pins and needles up and down the east coast of Australia.

Before this case in South Australia, six brands of strawberries — Donnybrook Berries, Love Berry, Delightful Strawberries, Oasis brands, Berry Obsession and Berry Licious — had been affected.

On Saturday, the Queensland Government issued a $100,000 reward for any information that could lead to the arrest of the culprit.

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