Counterfeit cash in Canberra, but even ACT Policing says it’s easy to spot

A counterfeit $50 note with blue and white Asian characters on it. Photo: Police believe the fake notes are training bank notes, which are used to train overseas bank tellers. (Supplied: ACT Policing)

It only takes “the briefest inspection” to spot the latest counterfeit cash to hit Canberra’s streets, according to police.

ACT Policing said a number of businesses across the territory have been presented with “quite distinctive” notes, playing at being real currency.

The notes have been printed on paper and have large blue and white Chinese characters where a real note’s clear security window would usually be.

They are also devoid of serial numbers or any of the other security features that are normally on Australian cash.

“If you don’t think a banknote you’ve been presented with is genuine, then don’t accept it,” Detective Acting Superintendent Jason Kennedy said.

A counterfeit $50 note with blue and white Asian characters on it. Photo: The notes are “quite distinctive” and printed on paper, according to police. (Supplied: ACT Policing)

“These notes in particular are easily detected as being fake from the briefest inspection, if you take the time to look at them.

“If you do receive what you believe to be a counterfeit banknote, try to handle it as little as possible to preserve evidence.”

A statement from police said they appear to be training notes, which are used overseas to train tellers what currency from other countries looks like.

The statement also said the most recent notes are similar to some that were used across the country last year.

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