Chris Evans Jokingly Called Out Octavia Spencer For Her Not So "Happy" Birthday Message

Chris Evans celebrated his 37th birthday yesterday.

20th Century Fox

And he received a ton of love from his fans and celebrity friends, like Dwayne Johnson…

…Chadwick Boseman…

… and Samuel L. Jackson.

But when it came to Octavia Spencer’s celebratory tweet, Chris noticed something a little off.

Chris didn’t see anything “happy” about her tweet, jokingly of course.

And I have to admit, the message did look a little dry. I don’t know if I’ve ever sent a birthday message without an exclamation point, let alone emojis.

Morgan Murrell

But Octavia managed to quickly back up her reasoning for delivering her message that way.

And Chris completely understood. I mean, what coldhearted demogorgon would even dream of getting mad at Octavia Spencer anyway?

And that’s that on that.

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Happy belated birthday, Chris!!

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