Does This Recording Say "Yanny" Or "Laurel"????

You may be wondering if this is gonna be one of those “is the dress blue or gold” things and the answer is, YOU BET IT IS. Please listen to this recording and tell me whether you hear “yanny” or “laurel.”

Upon first listening to the recording, I thought I was being trolled. It obviously said “yanny.”

At first, most of my coworkers agreed. It was obviously “yanny.”

But then…

…people started hearing both!

And some could never hear “yanny” again once they heard “laurel.”

A mere 10 MINUTES LATER I listened to it again, and was STUNNED. It obviously said “laurel” and now I cannot trust my own ears!!!

A lot of people have noticed a difference when listening to the recording on a phone versus their desktop.


Take This Poll And Tell Us Whether The Recording Says “Yanny” Or “Laurel”

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