Oh My G*d, This Is Where The Hemsworths Literally Came From

Back story: One of the 72 hot Hemsworth brothers who (not to be problematic) I still can’t tell apart, posted a picture hiking with his family.

There was beautiful clear blue sky…

…a nice dog…

…sick waves…

…and a warm* caption.

*I love the word "warm."

*I love the word “warm.”

All of that created this great instagram Hemsworth *moment*

But, what do we have here…

I spy with my gay little eyes…oh yes, the rumors are true, the Hemsworth patriarch is a jacked up gilf!

Me, right now:

This picture has been on my desktop for a very long time

Yes, that’s where they come from.

In conclusion, let’s listen to “The Climb,” it feels relevant:

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