People Are Freaking Out Because Ariana Grande's "Lick The Bowl" Lyric Is About A Sex Thing

Some things in life are constant, like death, taxes, and Ariana Grande singing about sex. I mean, part of the reason why we love her is she’s so comfortable belting out about getting it on.


Like remember when everyone realized what her hit song “Side to Side” with Nicki Minaj was *REALLY* about?:

And how about when everyone misheard her lyrics to “Everyday,” thinking her man was making her “nut quick” instead of “not quit”?!:

Also I would be remiss if I didn’t mention *THIS* happening in her “God Is A Woman” video:

But she hasn’t stopped there. This is the first verse on the title track for her latest album Sweetener:

Now, “licking the bowl” sounds innocent enough, right? I mean, maybe not the best table manners but we can let that slide. Except when you go to the Urban Dictionary definition for the phrase, you get this (although Ariana herself hasn’t confirmed that this specifically is what she means):

So not only is Ariana probably singing about Pete Davidson eating her out after she has an orgasm, but she’s saying he does it SO well it “touches [her] soul.” I’m………….


When I showed my coworker Stephen the ACTUAL meaning of the lyric, this was his reaction:

And it’s not just the Angle News gays who are shooketh by the lyric:

People are saying they’re rocked to the core upon learning the definition:

Like, actually v. shewk:

But they’re also really, really here for it:

Although SOME people already in the know were like, “Go off sis,” when Ari sang the lyric:

Also, the gays want to be included in on this one too:

And to close things out, Ari shared this heartwarming meme on her Instagram Story last night that now has a totally new meaning to us all:

This one is pretty good:

And so is this one:

Anyway, thank you Ariana, for continuing to expand millions of peoples’ vocabulary. That, my friends, is TALENT.

the gays can use this gif

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