The "ASMR Girl" Finds Your Memes Of Her "Hilarious." Her First Day Of School Is Tomorrow.

“Each morning I see new memes,” Makenna, 13, told AngleNews’ AM to DM Monday morning. “It’s really cool.”

AM to DM/AngleNews

The teen, called “ASMR girl” on Twitter, became a meme earlier this month after people clipped a series of videos from her ASMR Youtube channel.

Makenna personally experiences ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response. She described ASMR as giving someone “goosebumps” through digital means.

“When my mom used to rub my back, or my friends used to braid my hair, I’d get goosebumps, and that’s basically what ASMR gives people but through a screen, through technology,” the teen said.

The 13-year-old said she finds the memes “hilarious.” Her mom first spotted them on Twitter, she said, and they haven’t stopped since.

One of the most meme’d videos is this one, which features Makenna sipping seltzer dramatically and drumming her fingers on the can.

After doing poorly in school, the teen would turns to ASMR videos. “Whenever I did bad on my test, I always listened to ASMR, and I was like, ‘I want to try this out.'”

So she did, and now her YouTube channel, “Life With MaK,” has more than 350,000 subscribers. “MaK stands for ‘meaning, acceptance, and kindness,'” the teen said.

When she first began her channel, Makenna said that she had only 16 subscribers.

“My family thought ASMR was so weird. It’s kind of weird for people who don’t experience it,” she said. “But, because I do it so much, I’m at the grocery store tapping on apples or something, they’ve just gotten use to it.”

Her mom now helps her to brainstorm ideas for her videos. “There’s a lot of other ASMR channels on YouTube, so I kind of get an idea of what’s new, what’s popular, and my mom helps me out with all these new ideas, like eating crickets and eating spiders.”

“Crickets don’t taste very bad,” according to Makenna, but spiders do. Tomorrow is her first day of school.

Have a great first day, Makenna!

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