This Fake Olive Garden Commercial Written By A "Bot" Will Make You LOL

We’ve all seen actual bots and how messy they can be online, but recently Keaton Patti provided Twitter with some humorous “bot-written” scripts covering a range of things.

His most viral script is this hilarious two-page Olive Garden commercial.

The script is filled with gems and ends with the slogan: “Olive Garden. When you’re here, you’re here.”

Needless to say, folks on Twitter were pretty amused.

Then, there’s this bot version of a Transformers movie.

Or this bot Saw movie.

There are even “bot” scripts for an infomercial, and Mission Impossible.

Paramount Pictures / @KeatonPatti

While these scripts aren’t actually made by bots, we can all have fun pretending they’re legit, and enjoying the hilarious lines they’re filled with.

Olive Garden

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