This Is What True Love Looks Like

1. When you go the extra mile to get it EXACTLY right:

2. When your differences make the perfect match:

radical__illusi0n / Via

3. When you can read each other’s minds:

4. When you turn a sad situation into an exciting one:

5. When you’re willing to risk your life for the simple things:

6. When you love being silly together in private…

7. …and also in public:

nighhtvid / Via

8. When you love your S.O. more than even PIZZA:

9. When you have a snack-meet-cute:

aleksandrajasmin / Via

10. When you have your own system together:

11. When one of you is sentimental and the other not so much:

12. When you have your own special form of communication:

ZombieBlood / Via

13. When you’re willing to give up the last piece of BACON:

stonerwithtatas / Via

14. When you know this truth:

15. When you don’t have the skills, but attempt to make a ~fancy~ meal for your S.O. anyway:

Jennyflur / Via

16. And finally, when nothing can keep your love apart…not even thousands of miles:

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