Aristocratic daughter who hated posh lifestyle loses legal fight for a larger cut of her dad’s £1.3MILLION estate

AN earl’s daughter who hated her family’s aristocratic lifestyle has lost a claim for a cut of her dad’s £1.3million wealth.

Lady Tara Wellesley, 56, was told by a judge it was her own fault she became estranged and ended up living in a council flat.

 Lady Tara was estranged from her father for over two decades

Paul Keogh

Lady Tara was estranged from her father for over two decades

She railed against her family’s values and did not see her dad — the seventh Earl Cowley — for 26 years before his death in 2016 aged 81.

She got £20,000 in his will, but went to court for a bigger payout to buy her council home in Gospel Oak, North London, and begin a career in art.

But Judge John Linwood cited Lady Tara’s bohemian “drink and drug” lifestyle, which her dad loathed, as the reason they were estranged.

Her step-sister Heidi Iratcabal told the High Court that, in her 20s, Lady Tara ranted in the family home of “hating the aristocratic lifestyle”.

 Earl Cowley died in 2016

Not known, clear with picture desk

Earl Cowley died in 2016
 Graham fought his sister's claim in court after being awarded the bulk of his father's estate

Paul Keogh

Graham fought his sister’s claim in court after being awarded the bulk of his father’s estate

US-born Earl Cowley married four times and first-born Lady Tara often had stormy relationships with her step-mothers, the court was told.

She moved out as a young woman and last saw her dad at the wedding of her brother Graham — who inherited their father’s title — in 1990. The bulk of the earl’s estate was left to Graham, as well as an income for his final wife, Dowager Countess Carola.

The remainder was split between Lady Tara’s younger step-sisters.

Claiming a bigger share, Lady Tara — who volunteers at the Tate gallery but says her ADHD means she cannot work — said her dad would have supported her art career dreams.

She also denied taking drugs and said she felt like “excess baggage” after her dad remarried.

But dismissing her claim, Judge Linwood added: “I consider this to be another example of Tara blaming others for her misfortunes, which have arisen due to her choices in life or her behaviour.”


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