Victim in stolen lorry crash near Barnsley named as Jacqueline Wileman

A woman who died after a stolen lorry crashed into the side of a house near Barnsley has been named as Jacqueline Wileman.

The HGV was being followed by police when it hit the 58-year-old, collided with two parked cars and smashed into the side of the house

Police said four men were arrested after the incident on Park View in Brierley, South Yorkshire.

The crash happened around 1.40pm on Friday and has been referred to the Independent Office for Police Conduct.

Jacqueline Wileman was knocked down before the car smashed into the house
Jacqueline Wileman was knocked down before the car smashed into the house

Mrs Wileman’s family thanked people who helped at the scene and urged anyone with any information to contact police “so that they can bring those responsible to justice”.

South Yorkshire Police said the lorry had been reported stolen.

A spokesman said: “It was travelling along Common Lane, towards Grimethorpe, when an officer in a marked patrol car, travelling in the opposite direction, turned around to follow the vehicle.”

The white truck had been involved in a crime before the crash, according to police
The white truck had been reported stolen, say police

People living nearby said they heard by a bang, before men were seen getting out of the lorry and running away.

They said it had crashed into parked cars on Common Road before swerving into the semi-detached house at the corner of Park View.

The house suffered severe damage, with beds and other household items hanging precariously.

A bedroom in the house has been fully exposed by the collision
A bedroom in the house was torn open by the collision

Locals said no one was inside the property, which had only been built in the last six months and is around 15 minutes’ drive from Barnsley.

Some of the people who lived there returned shortly after the crash.

One man, who did not want to be named, said: “It’s come and hit two cars and then just crashed right into the house.

“It hit the woman near the cars and it’s just terrible.

“The police were following it and it was obviously going too fast.”

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