Every Millennial Will Relate To At Least 20 Of These 27 Tweets And Memes

1. This one about whom the KonMari method is really for:

What Marie Kondo has actually identified is that millennials have an appropriate amount of stuff but can’t afford enough housing to put it in

2. This reality about your avocado consumption:

When you spend all your money on avocado toast

3. This guy who is eating a down payment on a five-bedroom house worth of avocados:

This guy can kiss his dreams of home ownership goodbye

4. These things you should achieve by the time you turn the big 3-0:


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5. This too on-the-nose Cards Against Humanity pair:

6. This fallback reason for every single business going out of business:


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7. This truth about apartment hunting:


8. This one that really has nothing to do with Insta:

9. This one about realistic New Year’s resolutions:

Me, 2009: “I hope I don’t do anything stupid” Me, 2019: “I hope whatever stupid shit I do at least fits in a tweet”

10. This truth about staying in:

11. This job that a million millennials would kill for:


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12. This one on how you wisely, at 8 years old, knew not to invest in junk Beanie Babies:

sonny5ideup/ Instagram: @sonny5ideup

13. This new definition of “fund diversification”:

“Fund diversification” for millennials means having money in both your PayPal and Venmo account.

14. This one on how you want to communicate with the ghosts and demons:


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15. This one about the Greatest Generation vs. Millennials:

My grandparents at 30: Holocaust survivors, married w/3 kids. Me at 30: I can’t believe Postmates is down and I have go out in public with my stupid face and interact with humans.

16. This game that you play on various social media platforms:

17. This way too real truth about your job:


18. This one about being priced out of EVERYTHING:

[wheel of fortune] me: id like to buy a vowel pat: arent u a millenial me: [sigh] id like to rent a vowel

19. And this one too:

Millenials. Walking around like they rent the place.

20. This one on how to treat people:

21. This reality about payday:


22. This one that fact checks an old proverbial phrase:

Boomers: When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. GenX: When life hands you lemons, create a startup to market lemon juice as a healthy, low-carb alternative to lemonade. Millennials: Hahahaha, as if life would ever just *hand you* lemons

23. This quick way to tell your parents, “Not happening”:

boomer parents: why haven’t you given me grandkids?? millennials: you got grandkid money????

24. This scientific way to tell the differences between generations:

the difference between millennials and gen z is that we all love smashmouth’s all star but gen z doesn’t know the second verse

25. This “I SEE NO LIES” truth bomb:

People give us millennials a lot of shit but the baby boomers and Gen X in Congress can’t keep our government running, and Gen Z is eating Tide Pods for likes on YouTube.

26. This accurate visual of what Baby Boomers did and think:

27. And finally, this 100% accurate one about the upcoming Lion King remake:


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