"Ready Or Not" Has Its First Trailer And It's The Ridiculous Horror Movie That 2019 Deserves

Truth be told, 2019 has been a gift to horror movie fans everywhere, considering the fact that we were treated to Jordan Peele’s Us back in March, and still have the upcoming releases of Midsommar and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark to look forward to.

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But today, horror movie fans got to add ONE MORE movie to that list of anticipation with the first trailer for Ready Or Not which, to put it lightly, looks absolutely bonkers:

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WARNING: This is a red band trailer, so expect some gore.

The tale follows a young, witty bride-to-be (Samara Weaving) who is absolutely G-L-O-W-I-N-G on the day she is to marry her goofy new husband (Mark O’Brien) — a man who also just so happens to be the heir to a board game fortune.

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What a bunch of nerds, amirite???

After the wedding, the family announces that they have a “family tradition” in which the bride is to play a game with her new family and — if I’ve learned one thing from horror films — when a big group of rich, old white people start talking about “traditions,” it’s time to GET GOIN’.

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But our leading lady has never seen a horror film apparently, so she decides to stay and play, revealing to the group that the game will be “hide and seek.” She, naturally, thinks it’s just a silly game or whatever, no big deal.

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Just kidding, they’re trying to kill her. The whole family is trying to kill her.

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If you’ve ever had a significant other’s family that didn’t like you, this film will really speak to you.

Basically think, like, the plot of The Most Dangerous Game but instead of a rich stranger, it’s your in-laws, and they really REALLY like board games and really REALLY don’t like you.

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However, in a bit of a twist on this particular genre troupe, the family themselves are NOT seasoned killing machines…in fact, they kinda suck at it.

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Also, is that Adam Brody??? What’re you doing here?! Where have you been?!

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And — while we’re asking questions — someone please send me a framed version of this epic poster for the mantle that I definitely have, k thanx:

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So — if you love wacky/weird horror movies — be sure to check out Ready Or Not when it hits theaters August 23, 2019…just, maybe, don’t bring your in-laws with you.

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