Report suggests Placido Domingo’s sexual impropriety was an ‘open secret’ in opera world


Peggy McGlone:

Yes, yes. So, she was not the target of him herself, but she said that it was, you know, well-known. It’s again that open secret in the community. You know, you just go about your day knowing that he was going to make unwanted advances or in the story she was telling me, have a very open — you know, everybody knows about it, sexual relationship with a young artist. And no one knew what to do about it.

And then she said that that sort of creates a culture where people feel like this behavior is acceptable or there will be no consequences, and then others, maybe people who aren’t superstar status, then have the opportunity or take advantage of that to do terrible things themselves. And she also talked about how that power dynamic, who is going to believe a young artist over, you know, a major superstar, and so, that’s also, you know, part of this equation.


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