Rose West is ‘moved to another prison’ after serial killer Joanna Dennehy ‘threatened to murder her’

Rose West has reportedly moved prisons after one of Britain’s most dangerous female convicts threatened to kill her.

Triple murderer Joanna Dennehy, 35, and West, 65, who murdered at least ten with husband Fred, are the only two women in British jails serving whole life sentences since the death of Myra Hindley in 2002.

Infamous House of Horrors killer West was last year left in tears when the news was broken that she would have to leave her cell at Low Newton, Co Durham, after a decade.

But she is now ‘gutted’ after she was moved to another jail amid threats to her life.  

Triple murderer Dennehy, 35, and West, 65, who murdered at least ten people  with husband Fred, are the only two women in British jails serving whole life sentences since the death of Myra Hindley in 2002

Rose West, 65, who murdered at least ten with husband Fred

Britain’s most dangerous female prisoner Joanna Dennehy threatened to kill Rose West and now the House of Horrors killer has been forced to move jails

A source told the Mirror: ‘Rose West lived a life of luxury in there.

‘She’s got it made because she’s in the lifers’ unit. She doesn’t even leave her cell and they bring food to her.

‘So she was gutted when she had to leave. She was in tears and the prison officers just packed her things up. She was really upset. She didn’t want to go.’

Dennehy was so evil she even stank of it, a criminologist who has met her said last year

Dennehy was so evil she even stank of it, a criminologist who has met her said last year

West had been locked up in Low Newton – the highest security prison for women in Britain – for over a decade.

The source said the secure complex was the reason why Dennehy had to go there – due to her being one of the country’s most dangerous women.

The killer said if she was sent there ‘I’ll f***ing kill Rose West’, and officials believed her, moving West for her own safety.

Dennehy was jailed for killing three men and trying to murder at least two more – claiming it was ‘moreish’ and ‘fun’.

She has showed ‘no remorse’ for murdering them in the space of ten days.

Dennehy killed three men and tried to murder more claiming it was 'moreish'

Dennehy killed three men and tried to murder more claiming it was ‘moreish’


Although Fred West was convicted of killing 12 women and Rose 10, the pair are thought to have killed up to 20 more.

One victim who was almost certainly killed by West was his former girlfriend Anne McFall who like the others, was found in a shallow grave with body parts missing. West denied it.

The warped pair used whips to torture their victims as well as their own children. 

Fred West committed suicide by hanging himself in a prison cell in January 1995 — before he could stand trial for the murders.

Rose West is still a prisoner at HMP Low Newton in Durham, having been handed a rare ‘whole life tariff’ for her part in the killings. 

Confirmed victims include:

Charmaine West, eight: Fred West’s stepdaughter from his first marriage, Charmaine was murdered by Rose in 1971 while Fred was in prison.

Rena Costello, 27: Charmaine’s mother Rena, Fred’s first wife, was murdered when she arrived to pick up her daughter Charmaine in August 1971. With Charmaine already dead, it is thought Fred killed her to avoid an investigation.

Lynda Gough, 20: Miss Gough was a lodger in the West’s home and was killed in April 1973. Rose told her mother she had moved to Weston-super-Mare.

Carol Ann Cooper, 15: The teenager disappeared while walking home from the cinema to her Worcester children’s home in November 1973. Her remains were found buried in the Wests’ garden.

Lucy Partington, 21: After spending Christmas with her family in Cheltenham, Miss Partington disappeared after leaving to catch a bus. The student was the cousin of novelist Martin Amis and the sister of author Marian Partington.

Therese Siegenthaler, 22: The South London student was killed in April 1974 after disappearing while attempting to hitch-hike to Ireland.

Shirley Hubbard, 15: One of the Wests’ youngest victims, she disappeared on her way home from college in Droitwich. When her body was discovered, her head was completely covered in tape with a rubber tube placed in her mouth to allow her to breathe.

Juanita Mott, 18: Miss Mott, a former lodger at 25 Cromwell Street, was living in Newent when she vanished.

Shirley Robinson, 19: Another lodger, Miss Robinson was killed in 1978 after becoming pregnant with West’s child.

Alison Chambers, 17: The teenager disappeared in August 1979 and her remains were later found beneath the patio at 25, Cromwell Street.

Heather West, 17: Repeatedly raped by her father, Heather complained to friends about the abuse and was murdered by her parents in a bid to keep her quiet.

Psychopath Dennehy laughed and smirked as Judge Justice Spencer branded her a ‘cruel, calculated, selfish and manipulative serial killer’.

During his summing-up, Dennehy muttered in the dock and shouted the word ‘b******s’.

But after the judge ordered her to serve the rest of her life in jail, the mother of two, who was flanked by ten security guards, looked stunned and started wailing.

Dennehy is only the third woman to be given a whole-life prison term – along with Moors murderer Myra Hindley and serial killer West – and the first to be given the term by a judge.

Hindley and West were both handed the sentence by home secretaries.

West had been living a comfortable life in HMP Low Newton where she would make cakes and knit.

According to the source, Dennehy threatened to kill West after she was transferred from HMP Bronzefield in Surrey last year.

Officials took the warning seriously, and West was whisked out of Low Newton on June 13 – when Dennehy was said to have arrived.

West has reportedly been relocated to New Hall jail in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

In March 2013, Dennehy stabbed to death three men in ten days in Peterborough before travelling to Hereford, where she knifed two more within minutes of each other.

Her first victim was a Polish man, Lukasz Slaboszewski, 31, who had come to believe Dennehy was his girlfriend. 

She lured him to a property with suggestive texts, then stabbed him through the heart. 

Dennehy then used a pocket knife to kill her housemate John Chapman, 56, stabbing him once in the neck. 

The third victim was her landlord, Kevin Lee, 48, who she lured with the promise of sexual favours.

Excited by the police manhunt for her, she then stabbed Robin Bereza from behind in Hereford on April 2. 

Nine minutes later, she knifed John Rogers. Both men survived. 

She was caught after two days on the run.

Dennehy, who was brought up in a stable family home in the Home Counties, carried out the attacks to gratify her ‘sadistic love for blood’.

The Old Bailey was told the killer had a ‘sexual and sadistic motivation’.

Later she told a psychiatrist: ‘I killed to see how I would feel, to see if I was as cold as I thought I was. Then it got more -ish.’

Experts said Dennehy craved notoriety and wanted to humiliate her victims through sick sex games. Before the killings she had boasted she had already killed four times.

When the three bodies were found, police launched a high-profile murder investigation.

Meanwhile Dennehy travelled to Hereford and started scouring the streets with accomplice Gary Stretch for more men to kill. 

She told him: ‘I want to have my fun.’ 

The pair randomly selected two dog walkers, retired fireman Robin Bereza, 64, and John Rogers, 56. 

Dennehy stabbed them in frenzied knife attacks. Both survived the horrific attacks only because of swift medical intervention.

During her search for further victims, Dennehy posed for photos with a huge serrated knife and bragged that she and Stretch were ‘like Bonnie and Clyde’, whose gang killed nine policemen in 1930s America.

She has tattoos on her arms, including one which said ‘licking legend’.  


Lukasz Slaboszewski's body was stored in a wheelie bin and then dumped in a dyke

Lukasz Slaboszewski’s body was stored in a wheelie bin and then dumped in a dyke


The 31-year-old moved to the UK from Nowa Sol, Poland, in 2005 to work in a DHL warehouse in Peterborough.

Cambridge Crown Court heard that, at the time of his death, he was being prescribed methadone as a substitute for his heroin addiction.

He was last seen alive leaving his home in the city’s Lincoln Road on March 19 last year having met Joanna Dennehy for the first time the previous day. He told friends he had found an ‘English girlfriend’.

It is thought he was stabbed to death in a property in Rolleston Garth on or soon after this date.

Afterwards, Dennehy stored his body in a wheelie bin for several days before dumping it in a ditch at Thorney Dyke along with that of John Chapman. Their bodies were discovered by a farmer on April 3.

In a statement issued after his death by Mr Slaboszewski’s sister, Magda Skrzypczak, said: ‘Lukasz was the joker in the family, always finding something to laugh about. His mum and dad are devastated by their loss and he also leaves two grieving sisters.


John Chapman was killed in his bedsit at the end of March

John Chapman was killed in his bedsit at the end of March

The 56-year-old, originally from Leeds, had served with the Navy in the Falkland’s war.

Jurors heard he had fallen on hard times. He was an alcoholic but known as a ‘friendly drunk’, the court heard. Mr Chapman lived in the same set of bedsits as Dennehy in Bifield, Orton Goldhay.

He described Dennehy, who had been employed as an ‘enforcer’ by landlord Kevin Lee, as the ‘man woman’ and friends were concerned for his safety as she attempted to force him to move out, the court heard.

He was killed in his bedsit on March 29 after Dennehy stabbed him in the heart. A photograph of his body, timed at 7.32am that day, was found on Leslie Layton’s phone.

Mr Chapman’s body was found alongside that of Mr Slaboszewski on April 3. At the time, his family released a statement saying: ‘We are all so upset and shocked by the tragic loss of John.

‘He was a loving brother, brother in law and uncle. He was much loved by all who knew him and will be missed by all his friends and family.’


Kevin Lee was having an affair with Dennehy

Kevin Lee was having an affair with Dennehy

The 48-year-old lived in Fletton, Peterborough, with his wife Christina and their two children.

He ran the Quick Let property firm, which specialised in providing bedsits to people of ‘limited resources’, prosecutors said.

Business partner Paul Creed told the court Dennehy had approached them seeking accommodation. Mr Creed had been reluctant to house her but Mr Lee wanted to ‘give her a chance’.

Mr Lee later employed Dennehy as a decorator and enforcer, the court heard. On March 20, Mr Lee confessed to his wife that he was having an affair with Dennehy.

Nine days later, on Good Friday, he gave Dennehy an Easter card. Later that day she called him on the phone and arranged to meet him at Rolleston Garth – where Mr Slaboszewski had been killed – before stabbing him to death.

Mr Lee’s body was found by a dog walker in a ditch beside Middle Road, Newborough, on March 30. His family issued a statement saying: ‘We are devastated by Kevin’s death, he was a wonderful husband, father, loving brother and son.

‘His naturally infectious personality touched everyone who knew him. He will be hugely missed by all his friends and family.’

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