Sam Smith's Hips Don't Lie In His New Music Video, And You Need To See It To Believe

You know Sam Smith, the Singer.™

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The Grammy Award-winner gave us bops like “Stay With Me,” “I’m Not the Only One,” and “Too Good at Goodbyes.”

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However, this week, Sam introduced us to Sam Smith, the Dancer.™

“My inner dancing queen is about to come out,” Sam teased just days before the video for his latest single, “How Do You Sleep?” premiered.

After the release, Sam shared that he was “so proud” he was able to come out of his shell. “I hope you all enjoy this and please learn the moves so we can dance together one day soon.”

Turns out, Sam’s hips don’t lie, y’all.

Capitol / Via

I was literally in a trance watching him hit his counts so flawlessly.

Capitol / Via

This move right here gave me serious Fame vibes. Debbie Allen would be proud!

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And here we have more hip action.

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You betta’ strut!

Let’s talk about how graceful all this arm stuff is.

Capitol / Via

I’m not a dancer but I appreciated it.

And here’s a special shout-out to the backup dancers, who were absolutely killing it.

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Overall, I was here for it. Sam Smith, the Dancer™ completely won me over.

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Keep being fabulous and fierce, Sam. I’d like to see more 8 counts in the next video as well. K, thnx, Bye. 💖

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