Seth Rogan And His Mom Trolled Seth’s Dad Over The Unappetizing Dinner He Made Himself

If you’re a fan of Seth Rogen, you know he has a bit of a strange relationship with food.

He’s a guy, after all, who made a movie featuring animated foods having graphic sex with each other.


It’s called Sausage Party, and yeah, don’t show it to the kids.

Well, Seth’s parents, Sandy and Mark, just gave us a clue as to why Seth might be the way he is (with food at least).

By the way, Seth’s parents are pretty darn funny in their own right. Sandy has a mom-tastic Twitter where she dropped this hilarious bit of mom guilt. (SETH, CALL YOUR MOTHER!!!)

And I have no idea of the context here, but it’s Seth’s dad Mark wearing a Grizzlies jersey at a black tie event, LOL.

Anyway, back to the weird food! On Monday night, Sandy tweeted a photo of the dinner Mark made himself alongside the caption, “Don’t ask, I didn’t make it.”

She quickly spelled out exactly what was in this monstrosity:

Sandy’s followers were rightly horrified:

And they had legit questions:

That’s when Seth jumped in:

Conan sidekick Andy Richter responded as you would expect someone to respond to a sight like that:

And because Seth’s followers are nearly as funny as he is, they had jokes:

This guy even made his own version of the “Mark Special”:

Hope it tasted better than it looked, Mark!


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