Six Key Takeaways From Missy Elliott's Marie Claire Cover

If you don’t know who Missy Elliott is, I’m left to wonder your taste in music. No shade, just facts.

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Missy Elliott — or Melissa Arnette Elliott if you want to be technical — has a list of honors that most artists never touch in their lifetime. She is widely credited for bringing Black Camp to hip-hop, redefining the definition of artistry, and being an advocate for female rappers in the game.

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NOT to mention the fact that Missy was body positive long before it was a term that people used or the movement it is today. Curvy and thick black girls could look to Missy and see themselves — her unapologetic nature made her one flyyy chick.

She is unapologetically Black and encapsulated #blackgirlmagic before that was even a thing we spoke about out loud. All I know is that I grew up seeing Missy Elliott in music videos and feeling like someone so unique and strange held space in this world, I could, too.

The iconic legend is the most recent cover for Marie Claire, and during her interview, I couldn’t help but jot down notes. Some of my main takeaways?

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1. She never realized that her earlier work was truly ahead of its time.

2. She always knew what she wanted to be when she grew up, and she never waivered on it.

3. She understands the power of your thoughts and what you speak.

4. She didn’t look to the music trends to determine her sound.

5. She wants to empower the next generation to live fearlessly (and that you should keep creating, even if you don’t see an audience).

6. And lastly, she will always let you know she’s championing for brown girls everywhere.

WE LOVE YOU, MISSY! Read the whole article and more of Missy’s gems over on Marie Claire.

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