Sophie Turner Just Explained How She Tried To Get Matthew Perry To Ask Her Out And It's Honestly Hilarious

We all know Sophie Turner is happily married to Joe Jonas.

But before she was one half of the greatest celebrity couple in existence, Sophie was just a girl with a dream.

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And that dream was to get the attention of Mr Chandler Bing himself, Matthew Perry.


It all started with this 2016 tweet, after Sophie discovered Matthew was rehearsing a play near where she lived.

In a recent interview with Twitter Movies, Sophie told the story behind the tweet, and it turns out she actually did her very best to have a run-in with the Friends star.

“I would walk around the corner every day to go to my local Budgens, which is a great little supermarket,” Sophie explained. “And I would walk around the corner every day and I would see Matthew Perry outside smoking a cigarette.”

So — because if you see Chandler Bing on the regular, you have to try and get his attention — Sophie came up with a master plan.

Unfortunately, there was a flaw in the plan.

“I thought he might see this tweet and then, I don’t know, reach out to me and ask me on a date or something,” she said. “But he didn’t.”

It’s fine though, because Sophie still got her happy ending.

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You can watch Sophie’s full “Behind The Tweets” segment here:

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