The 50 Greatest Rappers Of All Time Debate Re-Ignites On Twitter With These Hot Takes

If you’ve ever seen (or been in) a debate about who the greatest rapper of all time is, you know it can turn into a neverending discussion.


This Top 50 list was recently shared on Twitter, with the posters knowing full well there would be some pushback.

Which is probably why it includes the caption: “Let’s argue.”

Now that convo has spilled over and is everywhere.

The discussion got an extra lift after Beats 1 and Hot 97 DJ Ebro posted his (handwritten) list of “The Real Top 50.”

He has Jay-Z ranked at No. 1, the Notorious B.I.G. in the No. 2 spot and Nas rounding out No. 3.

Here’s another one with the caption: “Let’s fight.”

People are even including asterisks and other punctuation marks on their lists to indicate their minds can be changed.

This guy knocked out his Top 50 list while he was bored at work.

Someone brought up that female rappers didn’t even make the list. What about Lauryn Hill?

Others are not really feeling these Top 50 rappers lists at all.

And are refusing to even deal with them.

The lists are also sparking some expected debates. Like why isn’t Drake in the top 10?

But at the end of the day, doesn’t it all come down to personal opinions and tastes?

Are you enjoying these Top 50 rappers of all-time lists, or are you over them? Let us know your top 5 rappers in the comments.

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