The Aces Just Dropped Their Tour Recap Video And It's Giving Me All The Feels

If you aren’t familiar with my bubbling rock queens The Aces, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! The band is comprised of four women — guitarist Katie Henderson, bassist McKenna Petty, drummer Alisa Ramirez, and lead vocalist and guitarist Cristal Ramirez — and they have THE BOPS.

Well, the group just wrapped up their first headlining tour —The Waiting For You tour — and if you weren’t able to check them out while they were on the road, they just released the tour recap video and it’s giving me ALL the feels:

The video kicks off at their first stop in a VERY snowy Seattle…

…And wraps up at their final stop in Utah, where the ladies hail from. THE GOOSEBUMPS.

And as if the recap video wasn’t enough to eat up, the group just released a euphoric MUNA remix of their hit “Strong Enough” and……….I’m gagged:

And apparently, the ladies were gagged too by the remix: “When we got the news back that MUNA was interested in doing a remix, we couldn’t have been more excited. We have been fans of their music for a while now, and love everything they stand for. A perfect song for a powerful group of women to take a spin on!”


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